There is no consensus on a definition for a social enterprise. However, in general social enterprises are organisations that centre themselves around a social mission and use commerce as tool to maximize sustainability and impact.


While some programs run by Pro Sport Development (PSD) are funded through grants, others are facilitated through professional contracts. Since 2013, PSD has reinvested all its surplus funds into our initiatives to advance our goal of utilizing sport to aid in the holistic development of children and youth.

We believe that limiting our funding avenues restricts the impact, flexibility and sustainability of our programs, which hinders the fulfillment of our mission. We feel that as a social enterprise we can aid the holistic development of children and youth more effectively and sustainably.


1) How is a social enterprise different from a charity?

A charity solely relies on funding from individuals or institutional donors to implement programs, whereas social enterprises can sell goods and services in addition to receiving donations.

2) How is a social enterprise different from an ethical business?

3) What are the characteristics of a social enterprise?

4) What is the history of social enterprises, globally and in India?

5) How many social enterprises are there in India?