The Sport for Change Certification Program (S4CCP) is an innovative and one-of-a-kind training program that shares practical and relevant knowledge and skills to empower individuals with a passion for creating social change through the tailored use of sport, physical activity and play.

Duration: January 2024 - Present


In January 2024, Pro Sport Development (PSD) launched the Sport for Change Certification Program (S4CCP). The S4CCP is an innovative training certification program, split into three levels with its own components, durations, prerequisites, and eligibility criteria:

The three-level program, delivered in English and Hindi, offers two key components: an online course and an in-person workshop. Both components evolve as the program advances through the levels to enhance knowledge and skill development.

As part of the program, PSD conducted Level 1: Introduction to Sport for Development (S4D). for three cohorts in March and April 2024. The level 1 workshops focused on equipping participants with fundamental skills and knowledge to facilitate sport-based sessions with an emphasis on addressing social issues.

In the coming months, PSD will announce its plans to conduct additional cohorts for all levels.


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