To collaborate with Sangath on the MeWeSports project in order to design, implement and evaluate sports-based interventions for young people to improve mental wellbeing and prevent substance use.

Duration: October 2021 – Ongoing


PSD is collaborating with Sangath, an organization committed to improving mental health through comprehensive interventions, to research and implement the use of sports-based initiatives in preventing substance use in youth.

In August 2021, the two organizations conducted a joint two-day workshop on devising sports-based interventions for the MeWeSports project.

PSD is working with Sangath to undertake the following initiatives:

  • Conduct a series of workshops focused on sports-based interventions for the prevention of substance use.

  • Set up a sport-for-development expert advisory group to provide feedback and support in manual writing.

  • Co-produce and disseminate materials to promote organizational insights on sport-for-development, mental health and substance use through organizational websites, social media and other platforms.

  • Develop a MeWeSports toolkit and assist in the implementation of a pilot program in Goa.

  • Share knowledge, resources and outputs from the various activities to aid in the development of the sports-based interventions.