Pro Sport Development (PSD) is a social enterprise set-up in 2013 by Suheil Tandon to work towards the vision of developing sport and empowering youth at the grassroots in India. It all started in late 2011, when Suheil returned to India from the UK, having completed a Masters in Sports Management from Loughborough University. With experience of coaching youth, his involvement in elite sport and his desire to develop sport at the grassroots in India, Suheil’s idea of a sports social enterprise in 2011 evolved into the setting up of PSD in 2013.

PSD initially started with the aim of nurturing young sporting talent, especially amongst marginalized sections of society, where Suheil believes talent is abundant but opportunities are limited. However, he soon realized that sport has a much larger impact on children and youth than just their sporting development. While working on one of PSD’s initial projects, delivering sports programs to tribal youth in remote rural locations, Suheil experienced first-hand the true power of sport to transform the lives of young people. This initiated a change in the path taken by PSD to engage with children and youth, towards using sport as a tool for their holistic development rather than just their sporting development.

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This led to PSD’s mantra that sport is a powerful tool in supporting the holistic development of youth, and that providing them with well-structured and professionally-conducted programs fosters their growth as confident and competent learners. PSD promotes a sporting culture among the youth that is inclusive, sustainable and engaging, especially for marginalized sections of society, who find it harder to gain access to sport.

Since 2013, PSD has been supporting the development of youth and sport in India at the grassroots by:

  • Working with children and youth
  • Working with facilitators
  • Working with organizations


Young people become confident, competent and gender-sensitive leaders by accessing their fundamental right to participate in sport, physical activity and play


  • Access
    Enable young people, especially those from marginalized and underserved communities, to access equitable and inclusive sport, physical activity and play
  • Impact
    Leverage the power of sport, physical activity and play to catalyze young people’s personal and social development.
  • Advocacy
    Educate diverse stakeholders about the positive role of sport, physical activity and play in the lives of young people, through contextually-relevant, evidence-based advocacy.
  • Collaborate
    Support a conducive ecosystem in which diverse stakeholders collaborate to collectively amplify the power of sport to enable better futures for young people.



To take a look at PSD's organizational strategy for the next five years (2023-28), you can simply click on this link.


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  • Suheil F. Tandon is the Director-Founder of PSD. With almost a decade worth of experience, he specialises in the sports development field, with a background in sports management and coaching, and a vast knowledge of and varied experiences relating to sport in global locations including the UK, Canada and India. He is passionate about utilizing the power of sport to bring about social change, in particular within the lives of children and youth. Suheil holds a Bachelor’s in Maths and Economics from McGill University and Masters in Sports Management from Loughborough University.

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