Image altSuheil Farrell Tandon specializes in the sports development and management fields, with vast knowledge of and varied experiences relating to sport in global locations including the UK, Canada and India. Suheil has over 12 years of diverse international experience in the fields of sport development, coaching and management and is passionate and committed towards the development of youth and grassroot sport in India.

As Director-Founder of PSD, Suheil has been at the helm of various grassroot sport and development projects in India. In his role at PSD, Suheil is responsible for providing strategic direction to the organization, ensuring sustainability and growth in its core areas. Moreover, Suheil oversees the initiation and implementation of projects delivered by PSD, facilitating adequate human and financial resources and ensuring programs are delivered effectively and sustainably, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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Suheil is a qualified Level 2 ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) cricket coach and has a Level 1 National Coaching Certification from the Coaching Association of Canada. He has coached children and youth in a variety of international settings, as well as led training workshops for coaches and teachers in organizations across India. As a cricketer, Suheil has played in diverse locations such as Canada, India and the UK, being a part of several elite cricketing setups, such as Loughborough University MCCU (UK), Adastrians Cricket Club (Canada), Spondon Cricket Club (UK) and Mohan Meakin Cricket Club (India), playing alongside various professional and international cricketers.

Suheil has undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Economics from McGill University, Canada and a postgraduate degree in Sport Management from Loughborough University, UK. He attributes developing a passion for sport while completing his schooling from the world-renowned Woodstock School in Mussoorie, India.