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Suheil Tandon, Director-Founder

With over six years of diverse international experience in the fields of sport development, coaching and management, Suheil is passionate and committed towards the development of youth grassroot sport in India. As Director-Founder of Pro Sport Development, Suheil has been at the helm of various grassroot youth and sport projects in collaboration with Gram Vikas (Khel Vikas), Rural Development Trust (Anantapur Sports Academy), Greenshoots Sports, Sportism, PRIA and Martha Farrell Foundation, aiding the development of youth via sports within several rural and semi-urban locations across 10 states in India.

In his role, he is responsible for providing strategic direction to the organisation, ensuring sustainability and growth in its core areas of Sport4Good programs, curriculum development and coach training, as well as grassroot sports management. Moreover, Suheil overseas the initiation and implementation of projects delivered by PSD, facilitating adequate human resource placement and ensuring programs are delivered effectively, maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Previously, Suheil, a qualified Level 2 ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) cricket coach, has coached youth in a variety of global settings. As a Cricketer, Suheil has played in diverse locations such as Canada, India and the UK, being a part of several elite cricketing setups, such as Loughborough University MCCU (UK), Adastrians Cricket Club (Montreal), Spondon Cricket Club (Derby) and Mohan Meakin Cricket Club (Delhi), playing alongside various professional and international cricketers. Suheil holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Economics from McGill University (Canada) and a postgraduate degree in Sport Management from Loughborough University (UK). He attributes developing a passion for sport while completing his high school diploma in the world-renowned Woodstock School (Mussoorie, India).

Sai Krishna Pulluru, Project Manager

After graduating with an MSc in Sport Management from Coventry University, Sai joined Pro Sport Development (PSD) in the areas of documentation and digital communications. He swiftly progressed to the role of School Sports Coordinator, which saw him manage the Physical Education and After School Sports Programs at the Khel Vikas project in Odisha, overseeing their implementation, monitoring and evaluation as well as mentoring coaches. Sai is currently leading PSD’s project with Rural Development Trust (RDT) in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, providing his expertise in the areas of strategy development, program management, documentation, digital media and monitoring and evaluation and ensuring that the deliverables of the project are achieved in line with the partner’s expectations. Prior to joining PSD, Sai worked at a number of prestigious international sporting events in the UK and Russia, including the Yonex All England Open Badminton Championship, the World Triathlon Grand Final, the IRB Rugby 7’s World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy.

Matthew Jeynes, Project Evaluation & Documentation Officer

Having been a financial journalist for 5 years in the UK, including working for 3 years with the Financial Times in London, Matthew decided to change his career path to the international development sector. With prior experience of evaluating projects and organisations in the development sector, having worked with Gatsby in researching and evaluating development projects in Africa, Matthew joined PSD as Project Evaluation and Documentation Officer. In his role with PSD, Matthew will be combining his two passions of sport and development to assist in project monitoring, evaluation and reporting, documenting programs and projects, in particular their impact on participants, as well as researching strategies to collaborate with partners to grow PSD’s Sport4Good programs. Matthew has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of York as well as a Master’s in Development Studies from the School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London.

Subhra Sarita Rout, Community Sports Trainer

Having worked previously for over two years with a school in Jiral in rural Odisha, Subhra has the experience and a keen interest in working with children through sports and physical activity. Subhra completed her Bachelors in Physical Education from Prasanna Mani College of Physical Education and Yoga in Cuttack, and has participated previously as an athlete at the national level in ball badminton. In her role as PE and Community Trainer at PSD, she is responsible for planning and delivering sessions at our various community program sites in Bhubaneswar.

Bhaktamohan Swain, Community Sports Trainer

Bhaktamohan comes from the small village of Satori located in the remote Mahanga Tehsil of the Cuttack district in Odisha, and is passionate about developing sport at the grassroots, having come from humble beginnings to represent Odisha at the national Kho-Kho competition. As a Community and PE Trainer at PSD, he is responsible for planning and delivering sessions at our various community projects sites. He is particularly passionate about advocating the health benefits of participating in sports, among the other values that sport offers, and loves promoting sport among youth who do not have access to it. Bhaktamohan has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from the Government College of Physical Education in Bhubaneshwar.

Laxmi Priya Sahu, Community Sports Trainer

Laxmi is extremely passionate about sports, and has played and coached extensively in the disciplines of Rugby and Boxing. She has had the honour of representing the Indian National Rugby team in the Asia Cup. She is also a regular member of Odisha State Rugby team, and in 2016 went on to win the Women’s National Rugby Championships in both the 7’s and 15’s formats. At Pro Sport Development, Laxmi is responsible for implementing sessions at the various community program sites in Bhubaneswar.

Rajesh Kumar Sahoo, Community Sports Trainer

Another Rugby player on the PSD team, Rajesh is passionate about working with children through sports. Previously, he has volunteered as a Volleyball, Rugby and Kho-Kho coach at various low-income schools in Bhubaneswar. At PSD, Rajesh is responsible for implementing sessions at the different community program centres in Bhubaneswar. Rajesh has completed a BSc from Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree from IGNOU. He has also represented his district in various editions of the Odisha State Rugby Championships.

Swagatika Khatei, Community Sports Trainer

Having studied and grown-up in one of the locations that PSD works in Bhubaneswar called Patrapada, Swagatika understands the challenges that children face on a daily basis in these locations. Having participated actively in a variety of sports at school, including Kabaddi and Kho-Kho, Swagatika appreciates the important role sports can play in children’s lives to help them face some of these challenges. In her current role at PSD as Community Sports Trainer, Swagatika gives similar sporting opportunities to young girls and boys by implementing sessions as part of the Community Sports Program in Bhubaneswar. Having completed her schooling, Swagatika is now pursuing a Bachelors degree from IGNOU.

Tempa Hansdah, KBC Community Sports Trainer

Originating from the tribal region of Mayurbhanj in Odisha, Tempa has an unrivalled passion for sport. He has played for various football clubs in Mayurbhanj and Bhubaneshwar, as well as represented teams at district, state and national levels. Apart from playing football, Tempa has also coached various youth teams and players, having a great rapport with his students. Tempa previously worked with PSD at its Khel Vikas project in rural Odisha, as a PE instructor in one of the tribal schools. He then moved to PSD’s project in Bhubaneswar, where he led the training at various community sports program centres. In his current role, Tempa serves as a community trainer specifically for the Kadam Badhate Chalo (KBC) program, where he travels to various locations across North and East India to deliver specific sports interventions in line with the programs objectives. Tempa holds a BCom degree from Shobhit University in Meerut, India

Aakash Thapa, KBC Community Sports Trainer

With over 5 years of experience in the sport for development sector, having worked previously with Magic Bus Foundation and Naz Foundation’s Goal Program, Aakash comes with the requisite skills and passion to work with children and youth via the medium of sports. In his current role with PSD as community trainer with the Kadam Badhate Chalo (KBC) program, Aakash travels to various locations across North and East India to deliver specific sports interventions in line with the KBC program objectives. Aakash has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Delhi University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Social Work from IGNOU. Aakash has also been part of workshops with Coaches Across Continents as well as the International Award for Young People.

Antony CJ, Social Media & Content Creator

With an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, Antony decided to change his career path towards Mass Communication, by pursuing a Masters in the subject from Pondicherry University. With keen interest in cinematography and social media, along with work experience at The Quint and Gurgaon Ki Awaaz, Antony decided to pursue a role at Pro Sport Development combining journalism and sports, another life-long passion. Currently at Pro Sport Development, Antony works with the Anantapur Sports Academy project in collaboration with Rural Development Trust in Andhra Pradesh. In his role as Social Media & Content Creator, Antony assists the project in implementing its communication strategy, including managing and implementing content on digital media, creatively documenting various programs and producing written content and reports.

Saroj Kumar Sahu, Visual Media Editor

Saroj’s initial involvement with Pro Sport Development (PSD) was as a Photography and Videography Intern over the summer, assisting PSD’s team at the project with Rural Development Trust (RDT) in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. In Saroj’s current role as Visual Media Editor, he is responsible for creating and editing visual content to document PSD’s various projects, including the Community Sports Program in Bhubaneswar, the Kadam Badhate Chalo program and the RDT project in Anantapur. Saroj has previously worked on several projects assisting in photography and videography in the areas of wildlife, nature conservation and sports. He holds a Bachelors in Economics from Bhubaneshwar, as well as a Masters in Mass Communication from Pondicherry University.