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PSD conducts training workshops for sports coaches, PE teachers and community trainers to provide them with the appropriate and relevant tools to constructively deliver sports programs to children and youth. The workshops are designed to strengthen the facilitators’ knowledge and improve their ability to deliver sports-based sessions effectively.

PSD also assists institutions and their facilitators in designing age and ability appropriate sports and physical activity curricula, ensuring that sports programs delivered to children and youth are done so in a structured, goal-oriented and progressive manner, in order to maximize their learning potential.





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PSD’s Physical Activity & Multi- Sport Curriculum

PSD’s multi-sport curriculum has been designed to deliver a comprehensive movement skill and multi- sports program for children between the ages of 5-15 years, allowing them to master basic physical literacy and experience multi-sports through a series of progressive games that will teach them the basics of athletic development and well-being. The curriculum also ensures that participants learn various soft skills and sporting values through the different activities designed.