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To organize a 2-day consultation to convene a wide-range of stakeholders to deliberate and learn about the role that sports can play in challenging gender stereotypes around the roles of girls and women as well as promoting their mobility and agency, in order to prevent child marriages in India.

Duration: August 2019 – Ongoing


Pro Sport Development (PSD) and Girls Not Brides (GNB) have partnered to organize a consultation for key stakeholders in India, in order to enhance the learning and understanding of sports-based strategies that can be utilized to strengthen the fight against child marriages. PSD and GNB believe that sports-based approaches can be a sustainable and effective method of changing the attitudes of various stakeholders towards child marriage, while providing opportunities and better futures for young girls.

Furthermore, this consultation will connect several organisations across India who are already using sports as a tool to empower girls and challenge gender norms, as well as those who looking to do so. This would allow these organisations to share learnings, tools and resources, which would result in stronger programming in the sector as well as the development of a set of recommendations on what needs to be done further by various stakeholders in the country in order to effect change.