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Curriculum Design & Training for Greenshoots Sports

Pro Sport Development (PSD) provided curriculum development and training support to Greenshoots Sports to help them initiate and setup a young children’s health and fitness program in New Delhi and NCR.

  • Undertaking market research to gauge the interest of and demand from different stakeholders relating to young children’s sports programs.
  • Developing an age and skill appropriate sports and fitness curriculum for young children between the ages of 5 and 12 years. The curriculum focused on programs relating to multi-sport coaching based in a fun and inclusive environment, which would develop the basic motor skills of children, and generate their interest in sporting activity.
  • Training of coaches and trainers employed by Greenshoots to implement the curriculum. The training ensured that the coaches fully understood the curriculum, and were comfortable in implementing the same in a structured and organised manner, ensuring an environment that promoted fun and active learning.