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CoE Weightlifting Program

Pro Sport Development strives to help those with exceptional talent and high motivation to succeed at elite level. Through the CoE a culture of sporting excellence and elite performance has been established. Initiated for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting the CoE trains 8 full time lifters and 1 part time lifter. For more information on the athletes please click here.

Through the CoE program, we ensure that athletes have individualized training programs to maximize their potential, coached by highly qualified staff. The CoE allows the athletes to train with in a premium facility with IWF certified equipment. Furthermore, the CoE provides that athletes with a first class support team. Nutritionist, physiotherapists, psychologists and S&C coaches work alongside the athletes on a daily basis to ensure that they are receiving the best possible support.

The CoE also looks after the holistic development of the athletes. Athletes can pursue their education at one of our partner educational institutes and are further supported by a full-time tutor. In addition, English and Computer lessons are provided as well as career development support. For more information on the CoE please click here.