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Physical Education/ Recreational Sports Program

One of the objectives of the Khel Vikas project is based on the right to play – to provide resources to allow every child to participate in regular sporting activity. To achieve this goal, the project has initiated a physical education program in all four Gram Vikas residential schools based in Odisha, catering for underprivileged and tribal children of the region. The PE program incorporates theory and practical classes to get the children of these schools active, and knowledgeable about popular sports in the region.

The project has also initiated several short camps to introduce sports to Gram Vikas schoolchildren, as well as youth in the Gram Vikas communities and villages. These camps teach the basic technique involved in different sports, and incorporate short games to allow participants to understand how different sports work.

The aim of these recreational and physical education programs is to impart knowledge about different sports in a fun and structured manner, to spark the interest of schoolchildren and community youth.

Elite Sports Programs

Another objective of the Khel Vikas project is to support and develop elite athletes by nurturing highly talented and motivated youngsters. Currently, the project runs these elite programs at the Kankia School Sports Academy, in the sporting disciplines of Olympic Weightlifting, Volleyball and Badminton. These are soon to be initiated ni the other three Gram Vikas schools as well.

Through these elite programs, we ensure that athletes have well-structured and progressive training programs, that are delivered by professionally qualified coaching staff. In addition, we provide athletes with good quality, sustainable sporting infrastructure and competition standard training equipment, as well as nutrition and psychological support.

Community Sport Outreach Programs

These programs are designed to provide support towards the development of sport at the community and village levels. There are two purposes of this program:

  • Community Club Coaching

    Support local clubs by providing coaching, setting up infrastructure, designing programs, management and operational inputs as well as mobilizing community youth to actively and regularly take part in sports.

  • Coach Training Courses

    Introductory coaching courses (general and sports specific) aimed at community youth, local teachers and young athletes, to allow them to gain an insight into the general principles of sports coaching. Besides giving trainees knowledge in the latest rules and regulations as well as basic techniques of different sporting disciplines, the courses also include topics such as the roles and responsibilities of a coach, effective communication, planning and monitoring, as well as sound organisation.