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Evaluation & Training: Andhra Cricket Youth Academies

Pro Sport Development (PSD) has worked with the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA) on a couple of projects since 2016, specifically with its three youth residential cricket academies for boys (U-14 to U-19) in Kadappah, Mangalagiri and Vijayanagaram.

In 2016, PSD evaluated the managerial and operational structures and systems within the three academies, and thereafter prepared a whitepaper report for the ACA. The report outlined the current state of the administration and management of the academies, and provided a comprehensive list of future recommendations to further professionalize the functioning of the same. PSD also conducted a 2-day training workshop with the coaches, administrators and officers of these three academies, to equip them with systems and structures that they could adapt at each of their academies in order to ensure that some of the recommendations are started to be addressed.

In 2017, PSD undertook an audit of the three academies to determine to what extent the changes recommended in the whitepaper presented in 2016 have been implemented. PSD thereafter presented an audit report of the three academies to the ACA, along with outlining future recommendations.