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Khel Vikas Project

Khel Vikas, which literally translates to "sport development", seeks to provide the underprivileged and tribal youth in the state of Odisha access to participation in regular recreational and competitive sport. Moreover, Khel Vikas seeks to support highly talented and motivated athletes in their quest to achieve sporting excellence.

Pro Sport Development (PSD) initiated the Khel Vikas project in 2012 in partnership with globally renowned rural development organisation, Gram Vikas. Gram Vikas has over 35 years of experience in working with marginalised and underprivileged communities, and also runs residential schools for underprivileged tribal children in the Odisha.

PSD conceptualized, developed and implemented sporting initiatives in the schools run by Gram Vikas, as well as within the communities and government schools in the operational areas of the organization. Over two and a half years, PSD provided professional expertise to the Khel Vikas project in the following areas:

  • Program development, implementation, monitoring and review of Physical Education programs in the 4 Gram Vikas schools catering to 1,300 children.
  • Program development, implementation, monitoring and review of 25 After-School Sports Programs across 7 schools in three districts of Odisha, working weekly with 475 children in 8 sporting disciplines.
  • Coaching and managerial support to the After-School Sports Programs in skill training, nutrition, strength & conditioning, sports science, psychology and injury prevention.
  • Management and administration of the Khel Vikas project, including documentation, communication, social media, strategy development and implementation, fundraising and sustainability as well as HR.
  • Training and development of 100 coaches and physical education teachers.
  • Athlete education and awareness including Anti-Doping Seminar.
  • Conceptualizing and initiating a Centre of Sporting Excellence for residential athletes in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.



"To provide every underprivileged (and tribal) child in Odisha the right to play that ensures their holistic development and fosters their growth as confident and competent learners, as well as to support those that have the talent and desire, to excel at an elite level."



  • Regular participation in sport
  • Chance to compete
  • Support in infrastructure, equipment and coaching
  • Holistic development of students
  • Focus on girls playing sport
  • Training support for Coaches & PE Teachers


How Khel Vikas Works?

Khel Vikas runs two broad types of programs – PE/ Recreational sports programs and Elite/Competitive sports programs. These programs run in two types of settings – firstly, within the Gram Vikas Schools, of which there are four all over Odisha. These are referred to as Khel Vikas Sports Academies. Secondly, programs are run in communities that are located in Gram Vikas areas of operation. These programs involve providing coaching and support for building local clubs, as well as training coaches. These are referred to as Community Sports Outreach Programs.

These programs combined serve as feeder centres for the Khel Vikas Sporting Centre of Excellence.