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The Khel Vikas Centre of Sporting Excellence (CoE), conceptualized and initiated by Pro Sport Development (PSD), opened in September 2014, located on the Gram Vikas Mohuda Campus in Odisha. The CoE is the training base of Khel Vikas’ elite weightlifters.

The facility has been specifically designed for the Olympic discipline of Weightlifting. The CoE is equipped with four lifting platforms, IWF certified barbells sets and a power gym containing squat rackets, benches and dumbbells. In addition, the CoE has a physio room and an onsite physiotherapist.

Pro Sport Development implemented the programs for the CoE, which supported the residential athletes with personalized training, nutrition and injury prevention programs, careers support and academic tutoring, with special emphasis on learning English language and computer skills.


“Nurture well-rounded athletes, with a focus on underprivileged and tribal youth, to achieve success at the highest levels of their sporting discipline, while fostering a holistic approach to their careers by supporting their professional and personal development, providing them the opportunity to pursue a profession in their chosen field, in particular the sports sector.”


  • To ensure the sporting development of the Khel Vikas athletes by providing high-quality coaching, infrastructure and equipment, based on modern sports science principles
  • To ensure the personal development and grooming of the Khel Vikas athletes to equip them with the confidence and leadership to succeed in sport and beyond
  • To provide assistance in the professional development of the Khel Vikas athletes to ensure the advancement of their careers